Math, muscles and music

Olli Koskela

Mathematical person, who's musical by passion and enjoys sports!

Biomathematician/-analyst at Häme University of Applied Sciences in HAMK Smart Research Unit with the Data and business analytics team.

Biomedical engineering PhD student at Tampere University in Computational Biophysics and Imaging Group

Amateur (=amore) violinist and musician with Hattulan Viihdesoittajat and Aurealis Ensemble. Also solo performances.

Nordenskiöldsloppet finisher 2017.

JÄRKKI Project –Community Wastewater Recycling

Community wastewater nutrient recycling explained in a video made by the JÄRKKI Project. Aim of the Järkki project is to evaluate solutions, facility concepts and operating models for centralized, safe and efficient management of waste waters. Through centralization, especially the efficiency of nutrient recycling is enhanced.

Bass player since 2001...

...and proud of it, though currently primary choice is the violin taking me to new musical adventures.

The photo is from self-portrait photography course in 2017.

Performances available at YouTube

Recorded performance by Hattulan Viihdesoittajat

Rehearsal of DAB Song and Song for Sienna performance

Series of videos for each canceled-by-Covid gig in Spring 2020